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New Home Builder Information

What does a Home Costs?

The price will vary with the type and quality of finish materials used. Eighty-five dollars a square foot will give the building an oak kitchen, solid cedar siding, architectural shingles, medium quality carpet, central vacuum, and alarm system (as an example). Top dollar is generally brick siding, ceramic floors, whirlpool tubs, maple cabinets throughout, central air conditioners, central vacuum, detached garage, high quality carpets, chandeliers, etc. but will cost the consumer about ninety-five to a hundred dollars a square foot new home builders gold coast.

Contract Documents – What You Should Have And Why?

Architectural/Residential Technologies uses four main documents:

1. Building Contract – states what work will be preformed, who will perform the work, how revisions will be handled, the costs involved, and a payment schedule.
2. Building Plans – detail how the building is to be built.
3. Specifications – describe what materials will be used, the quality of materials that will be used, and how the building elements will be constructed.
4. Timeline – Describes the order of events, gives completion dates for different parts of the project, and helps track the progress of the project, so that we can be sure to complete the project on time.

There are a wide variety of other legal considerations to take into account when building your own home.

Building Permits and Plans

1. An application for building, plumbing or other permits
2. A site plan – sets out the compatibility of the building design, the proposed land area grading and drainage. The plan should also include the Legal description and lot dimensions.
• The location and setback of the proposed building from property lines of the lot.
• Location of every other building on the property.
• The distances from the existing building(s) to the new building. Existing and finished grade levels of the proposed building, and the lot.
• A zoning administrator may require a plan of the survey certified by a registered land surveyor.
• Any number of complete sets of house plans and specifications, (specifications may be noted on plans) one set should be returned to you, and kept on the job site during the construction of the building. The Building Department will likely retain one set.

Requirements of Drawings

Drawings should be to scale and include:

Foundation Plan
• Plan fully dimensioned showing size and location of beams, bearing walls or support columns (including footings) and foundation thickness. Specify type of material to be used, for example concrete block, poured concrete, wood, or other.
• Indicate size of floor joists above including spans and distances to centers.
• Indicate stair location including required framing around stairs

Floor Plans
• One floor plan per story
• Plans should be dimensioned with rooms and spaces identified
• Identify doors and windows including sizes, rough openings and lintel sizes over each.
• Identify plumbing fixtures
• Indicate stair location including required framing around stairs and direction
• Identify structure above, including truss and joist layouts

Cross Sections
• Showing foundation, floor, wall and roof assembly with all materials defined
• At least one full building section should be completed
• Include floor finish levels

• Complete set of elevation drawings showing all four sides including exterior finish, grade levels, decks, entranceways, and finished ceiling and floor height.

Chimney Section
• Indicating flue size, clearance to combustible materials, height of chimney above roof hearth extension, fresh air inlet and indicate type and manufacturers specifications complete with material used in construction

Legal Considerations

Typical permits or approvals may include the following:

1. Can your property be used for the purpose you have in mind. In other words, will you require rezoning for residential or commercial applications which may be associated with your building requirements, such as home based businesses, apartments, garages or wood shops.

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