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A Baseball Bat Review: How Does The Louisville Slugger MLB180 Bat Perform

Baseball bat reviews are crucial to making solid decisions about the best baseball bats to buy. This is a review of the Louisville Slugger MLB 180 wood bat that will cover the pros and cons of the MLB180 performance 9nine Sports.

Ash wood baseball bats have a significant history in baseball with the first reported generation of an ash baseball bat by John Andrew “Bud” Hillerich in Louisville, Kentucky. Bud Hillerich would later go on to form the baseball bat giant brand name Louisville Slugger with his father J.F Hillerich. Ash wood bats grew in usage quickly because they were extremely light when compared to other wood bats of the time, such as hickory, which allows for much more generation of bat speed for the average sized player. This ability to swing the bat faster and harder had a huge role in bringing baseball out of the dead ball era.

This is a baseball bat review of the Louisville Slugger MLB180. Specifications of the MLB180 are:

Wood: Ash

Lengths Available: 32, 33 and 34 inches

Barrel: 2 5/8 inch

The Louisville Slugger MLB180 Natural Wood Bat is an ash wood bat with a barrel size of 2 5/8 inch. It has a great classic design, feel and look that would make any baseball historian proud. Hitters will get good, solid powerful contact with the ball on the sweet spot. The MLB180 is a durable bat with some people getting more than 3 years usage. However as with all wood bats, especially ash, the bat tends to shatter or break when it gets hit on the handle with a pitch. The chances of it shattering increase when facing faster pitching. This is the perfect bat for highschool aged players playing against slow-throwing pitchers.

Pro’s About the MLB180

Made of Louisville Slugger quality ash
Barrel tends to flex instead of shattering
Weight and balance across the bat makes it compareable to elite wood bats
Thin handle makes it easy to grip
Classic design
Bat comes with different autographs on barrel
MLB180 shatters when broken instead of breaking into large pieces which decreases any safety concerns

Cons About the MLB180

If hit hard on the handle, ash bats tend to shatter easier.


The Louisville Slugger MLB180 will give the player solid performance and it is a highly regarded bat by many players. If the player in your family plays in a wood bat league this is definitely a bat to look into purchasing. Additionally, the price makes it an affordable bat to use and not cost prohibitive if a replacement is needed.