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What Is A Sourdough Starter?

When making most kinds of breads you need ingredients like: flour, water, salt and a leavening agent. You mix it all together, let it rest for a while, form it, leave it for a while and its ready to bake kefir grains.

Sourdough is different, while it requires all the main ingredients like any other bread it is made without the use of a leavening agent. It is one of the oldest kinds of bread, dating back to Ancient Egypt. Since sourdough bread is made without the supplement of bakers yeast, the yeast has to be grown in a sourdough starter.

This wild yeast grown in the starter is what gives sourdough bread its unique taste. Making sourdough bread isn’t hard either; first of all a starter needs to be made, the ingredients are water and flour. You mix warm water and flour and leave it in a dark place, then every day throw away half of the starter and add new water and flour. After a while your starter will have grown quite a bit, as you can see by now, making sourdough bread only requires patience.

Check on your starter time from time, it should have a sour smell that resembles beer. Before you want to bake your sourdough bread put the starter in a jar, just make sure that it isn’t air-tight, the wild yeast in the starter is a living organism and needs air to live.

Store it in a cool and dark place; don’t store it in warm places as heat can kill the yeast. Avoid using metallic containers as they can affect the taste of your bread later on.